Los Angeles is one of the most top tourist destinations and one of the largest cities in America. The glitz and glamour associated with this city are what makes many of us flock there and get the piece of the action!

The city embodies the American dream, its where thousands and thousands of young people come in the hope to achieve their dreams from budding actors and actresses to upcoming musicians this city has it all. The geographical location of LA underlines why everybody clamors to go there, from the weather, theme parks, best restaurants the list is endless.

If you decide to visit LA in this post, we are going to highlight some of the fantastic things to see in Los Angeles and the best places to visit that will make you have an unforgettable experience while you in this magical and amazing city.

Landmarks And Attraction Sites

LA being a metropolis city it’s hard not to visit local treasures and explore some remarkable and outstanding attractions and landmarks to know more about the city and its inhabitants. Here are some of the most beautiful places to see in Los Angeles that you must visit with your and family.

Urban Lights In LACMA

You cannot be in LA and fail to come here. It's one of the most beautiful collections of lighting installations powered by solar energy. It has become one of the most iconic sites for both locals and tourist where you can stop by and take a few snaps for your Instagram or snapchat.

Venice Canal

The city of Angels has its own version of Venice of America, the beautiful waterways and canal are one of the most picturesque locations it will blow your mind away surrounded by colorful kayaks and gorgeous beach homes this a little gem of the city. 

Hollywood Cemetery

It might be one of the odd places for an attraction site to visit, but for movie lovers, it's hard to miss this. Visiting the graveyards of some of the most iconic names in the entertainment industry, this is the place be to see their ‘eternal homes'

Griffith Observatory

This is one of the best must-see places if you want to catch the 360 degrees of the city of Los Angeles during day or night time it offers the most amazing and eye-catching views that will take your breath away.

Malibu Pier

It’s a short drive up north, this is the most Californian place where you get to enjoy local delicacies and cuisines from the eateries nearby near the beach while watching local surfers put their amazing skills to show.

Daytime Touring Of LA

Fantastic Tour Of Film And Tv Production Studios

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, some of the biggest production houses in the movie industry from Paramount pictures, Sony pictures, Universal studios you will not want to miss out on this. You will get to experience first-hand how it is to be a movie star with backstage access to set locations of where some of your favorite movies were filmed.

If luck is on your side you might meet some of the most famous faces and you can take a photo with them.

Open Tour Bus

For celebrity fanatics, it may sound corny but going on an open tour bus around LA is what we all secretly want! Want to see where the most faces eat, shop and go about their daily activities the TMZ celebrity tour is just for you. There is also Hollywood sightseeing tour of the neighborhood where celebrities home is located to get a glimpse of their flashy lifestyle.

For explorers the 6-hour tour of Los Angles will provide with the full overview of the city by professional experts will make you know everything about this amazing city like the back of your fingers.

Theme Parks

No matter the age for both kids and adults going to these theme parks has been a lifelong desire for everybody. Disneyland is truly one of the happiest places on earth is a haven of bliss! This place has something for everybody ranging from stage shows, roller coaster rides, fireworks and family rides it is one of the most adventurous theme parks in LA ensuring you have one of the most enjoyable and wonderful time of your life.

However, the one downside to Disneyland is it is overcrowded, you have to plan your trip there at best suitable time to avoid that.

The Legoland California resort is the best place to take your kids, the buildable bricks are what attracts most kids as it will be a learning experience to sharpen their minds to aid in their growth and development while at the same time having fun in engaging in various activities in Legoland 

Going on tours provides deep insights of the city and one of the topmost things to see in Los Angeles in one day

Outdoor Activities

Campfire At Dockweiler Beach

This is the perfect spot for you and your family especially during the night, having a bonfire at the beach the best possible way to immerse yourself in the laid-back culture of California. There is a bonus as you will also get to see the sunset without spending a dime it's a no-brainer!

Hiking In Mount Baldy

This mountain is the highest peak in LA if you want to challenge yourself this is the best outdoor activity, the hiking trails, and walking paths are defrosted making it perfect for hiking and sight-seeing. You will get to see some of the spectacular views along the way seeing the best mother nature has to offer.

Biking Through Beaches

The lesser known beaches like Redondo and Hermosa are best suited for outdoor biking along the Marvin Braude Trail as they are less populated. If biking is not your thing you can play beach volleyball with your friends to burn off that holiday fat gained.

Echo Park Lake

The beauty of this park cannot be rivaled with some of the most beautiful and scenic views. This is a family-friendly spot for pedal boating or strolling, if you are tired on indoors you can go for picnics with your friends or loved ones or if you are looking for some alone time this is the best spot to be.

Best Things To Do At Night

When night falls, the city comes alive and there are various places to visit and things to see in Los Angeles at night

Catch A Movie

The Cinema Dome is one of the places you can go see one of your favorite movies with reserved seats for that perfect night outing with your loved one and family.

Sporting Events

Various sports franchises have LA as their home base, from basketball, baseball, football to ice hockey you will be spoilt for choice on which game to attend.

Night Tours 

The Queen Mary at night offers some of the best night tours around LA as you will get to see various joints and

locations at night.

Club Scene 

The entertainment scene at night in LA is one of a kind, there are a lot of clubs and bars that cater to everybody from different walks of life. They offer world-class services with the most affordable prices on food and drinks. If you want to party close to the ocean Busby’s west is the best spot in town to dance the night away.

Bargain Hunting 

LA is one of the most fashion-conscious cities in the world, the latest fashion designs and trends can all be found here. All the things to see in Los Angeles downtown offers it all.

Shopping Districts

Rodeo drive located in Beverly Hills is where all the stores of leading fashion houses are if you have a taste for high quality and expensive clothing apparel this is the place to be. Santa Monica has an outdoor mall that features high end and departmental stores where regardless of your budget you will be able to get what you want.

Downtown LA is where the magic happens all the latest designs and collections can be bought here at pocket-friendly prices.


For natives or tourist, LA is a city that never stops to amaze me. If you are planning a vacation in Los Angeles should be at the top of your list, this city has everything there are a lot of things to do and explore for both you and your family.

You can visit at any time of the year as your schedule will not be dictated by season as its mostly sunny throughout the year, just imagine having summer every day that is what we all crave for! It’s a city cosmopolitan city filled with great culture.

Staying in this city for tourist is budget-friendly ensuring you get to have the ultimate vacation proving great value for your hard-earned money. It's a haven paradise here on earth, don't miss out on that deserved break

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