Venice Beach is one of the top most attraction sites for all holiday goers and natives in Los Angeles County, its where all the culture found in LA are brought to light no wonder the locals refer to it as ‘cultural hub’. It has one of the most scenic and beautiful views that will literally take your breath away. 

When in LA this is one of the places that you should not dare miss out on going.

Check out our tips on top things to do in Venice Beach for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

On The Road And Exploring

When you are in Venice you cannot miss out to visit some of the local attraction sites that we usually see on tv. Exploring all this location and sites is one the must do things to do in Venice Beach Florida.

The Board Walk

Venice Ocean Front Walk is one of the most attractive places, it is usually filled with tourist and locals alike. Everybody enjoying themselves on the concrete boardwalk, there is everything here from restaurants to specialty shops on the other hand street performance and artist provide the perfect entertainment that you will enjoy. 


Street art and murals in Venice have become the identity of this magical place, the portrait of Abbot Kinney, Venice on the Half Shell and so many more makes these streets with energy. This is one of the most famed spots that will make you appreciate the rawness of art in its true form

Venice Canal

Popular known as ‘Venice of America’ due to its man-made canals it’s one of the most iconic places, you can stroll on the pedestrian bridges to see stunning beach houses that are to die for!

Mosaic Tile House

This is famed tourist hotspot because it captures the true nature of Venice. The beautiful shattered tile pieces spread across the house is a sight to behold.

Recreational And Outdoor Adventures

Bike Rides Along The Beach

In Venice beach, there are bike rentals, for a few bucks you can rent for you and your friends and cycle along the beautiful coastline. The beautiful breeze and fresh natural air will make you have the best experience.


For surfing enthusiast and pros this the place to put your skills into a test with those beautiful waves, for beginners you are not left out as there are surfing lessons all year long Go Surf LA will turn you into a pro in no time.

Camping At The Beach

At night this is the perfect time for you and your friends and family to set up shop along the beach, it's quite famous with the locals too. Having a bonfire while enjoying cold beers at night and having front row seat as the sun sets and gazing at the stars when darkness sets in are just serene. If you are in Venice beach it should be one of the things to do in Venice Beach California.

Venice Beach Recreation Center

This recreation has a number of facilities to keep yourself busy and occupied while at the beach, there is something for everybody. There are volleyball, tennis and handball courts for you to engage in a friendly competition with others for basketball lovers there is an outside court for you to shoot some hoops and perfect you 3-pointer shots.

It also has a skate park and outdoor lifting area making it the best spot for those cool chilly evenings where you can go break a sweat.

Night-Time Activities In Venice Beach 

As darkness creeps in you may wonder what is there to do in Venice beach at night? There is plenty you can do:

Watch The Sunset

Watching the sun as it sets is one the most spectacular things you can see especially if you are with your spouse after a long tiring day. The sun forms a stunning display as it glints over the water.

Full Moon Walks

Venice beach has clear skies especially at night, you can take a walk or a stroll in the full glow moon, luckily enough local parks allow full moon walks and you will be guided through the trails.

Dinner Dates

Restaurants in this area serve the most delicious cuisines may it be Japanese; Thai or Italian the list is endless everything is available. For those romantic dinner dates, these restaurants will offer you the best services that will blow your mind away at affordable prices.

Try Sharky’s on the Pier is one of the most amazing joints as its located right next to the ocean with stunning views. 

Live Music

Whether indoors or outdoors there are a lot of venues that hold live music almost daily, for intimate setting restaurant and bars have indoor live music while for outdoors like Charlotte County Memorial Auditorium lets you enjoy live music that you can dance to without a care in the world. 

There are lots things to do in Venice beach at night depending on your taste and preference. 

Health And Fitness

During vacations, it is almost inevitable that you will gain a lot of calories and Venice beach offers some of the best places to go shade some extra weight gained. Head down to Muscle beach there are a lot of strenuous exercises to do from lifting weights or rock climbing. For all those who want to have a toned body while vacationing this is the best place to be.


Venice beach is the place to be whenever you visit Los Angeles, it has a long coastline with some of the most exquisite views and attractions, in fact, it should be among the first places to visit.

Its great weather sunny throughout the year offers some much-needed break especially when you come from regions that have a winter season. If you want that perfect natural tan sunbathing on the beach offers just that will leave your skin radiating and glowing.

There is everything for everybody both kids and adults have a lot of activities they can engage in ensuring they are never bored in paradise.

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