Los Angeles is a city of both old upcoming talent and big-name superstars when it comes to living music. The city is filled with music lovers and all the big stars ensure they make a pit stop in LA during their tours.

Till this day LA has some of best music venues in Los Angeles ranging from a wide variety of venues, gorgeous amphitheaters, clubs, and bars. We are going to highlight some of the fantastic music that you can attend for that perfect fun-filled daytime activity or night out.


For rock punk lovers this is the best spot for you, situated on Whittier Boulevard, it’s an outstanding small music venue in Los Angeles. Coupled with its electric atmosphere and beers at unbelievable prices you are assured of having a perfect time. This rock club offers the perfect alternative if you have grown tired of the same old punk clubs and venues in downtown LA.

Natives love this spot since it was opened in 2010, and every night various bands step into the stage from Lower Class Brats, Millions of Dead Cops, and Battalion of Saints providing electrifying performance for revelers. 

Each weekend there are various acts taking on the stage and you will be treated to fast black metal and hard-core street punk. This is one of the few venues that has really helped in nurturing and improving local talent thanks to Big-Mike Red of Poor Kids Radio fame. The only downside is it has a small space that cannot accommodate huge crowds.

The Hollywood Bowl 

Located in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood, it’s one of the leading outdoor venues in the U.S at the 28th Annual Pollstar Awards. Its 18000 seater capacity makes it perfect for live music venues in Los Angeles, since its inception in 1922 it has hosted live concerts of some of the biggest and iconic musicians from diverse genres the Beatles, Tom petty of the 20th century to some of the major 21st century artists Justin Bieber to Diana Ross.

I could go on and on.

For classical music lovers, Los Angeles Philharmonic and Orchestra offers the best and outstanding performance, the scenery at the bowl is magnificent with beautiful and scenic views of the Hollywood Hills and Downtown LA capping off a perfect and enjoyable evening for you and your family. 

The bowl also hosts family events from comedy shows the list is endless, it's one of the most accessible venues in the U.S with budget-friendly tickets and diverse programs ensuring you have the time of your life!

The Masonic Lodge At Hollywood Forever

It might be one of the odd places to attend a show or live concert but it's actually quite popular with both natives and tourist alike. It used to be a former meeting place for Spanish Baroque Former Freemasons' and now it has been turned into the talk of the town a magnet for cultural and concert venues.

During summer due to perfect and calm weather, its known for hosting outdoor films to revelers and afterward there is a live concert from upcoming acts and talents to more reputable artists like Lana del Rey to Bon Ivar. Hollywood forever offers the perfect setting for adults and spouses to come and enjoy their time here.

Greek Theatre Hillside

This venue is an architectural masterpiece the top rated music venues in Los Angeles, it is famous because Neil Diamond’s album ‘Hot August Night' one of my favorites was recorded here. The amphitheater is located in Griffith Park and concert goers enjoy the superb views and fresh air, the open air theatre provides seating for 6000 people and host big summers shows of local and established artists.

The venue offers a perfect environment as the concert is in the woods enjoying what mother nature has to offer and an outstanding performance from various acts on the stage. This theatre rivals the Hollywood bowl when it comes to the most amazing outdoor venues.

The only downside to this venue is most packing spots have stacked feature hence getting out of parking is time-consuming and hectic, so you need to plan either to exit early or wait till the majority of people have gone. VIP parking is expensive at 75$, you are advised to either take an Uber or a cab for early arrival and swift exit after the concert. You can also enjoy delicious meals from nearby restaurants and cafe's if you are in the mood for a quick bite or drink.

Microsoft Theater

Located in downtown LA, the auditorium has a seating capacity of 7100. It was opened in 2007 as Nokia theater L.A live but it was renamed to Microsoft theater. The venue has one of the most advanced sound systems and lush, comfortable seating that will keep you on the edge of your seats rocking them to the beat of performance on stage.

It offers everything from live performances from artists of various genres from the Eagles and Neil Young of old school rock, Mary J Blige RNB and rap music by Kanye West you are assured of the perfect time. There are also comedy shows for kids and also comedy acts that will leave your ribs aching. 

On weekends it can be crowded as the staple center is adjacent to it and parking can be quite hectic, it's advisable to walk to the venue or use public transportation as it will much easier and cheaper covering for the drinks expenses as they are quite pricey. Smoking also is not allowed inside the theater making it a safer and kid-friendly setting for live music venues in Los Angeles 


Los Angeles is known as the ‘entertainment capital’ of the world, its rich with musical talents and prodigies. And almost daily there are different live concerts and event going on and if you are in the vicinity you will not want to miss out on this.

There are various music venues all around the city and this post will help you in looking for that perfect venue that hosts some of the biggest stars in the music industry for a remarkable and enjoyable performance that you will remember for a lifetime.

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