The Los Angeles weather is sunny all throughout the year with beautiful sunny skies ideal for outdoor activities especially golfing, for natives and tourist golf courses are usually full most time of the year as each person looks to improve and perfect their swinging action.

Going golfing should always be on your bucket list, in LA there is public and private golf course providing you with options depending on your budget-range, taste, and preference. We are going to highlight various aspects of LA City golf:

Debell Golf Club

The golf course is located between Wildwood Canyon Park and Burbank’s Starlight Bowl; it was originally designed by William F. Bell. The 71 per course has stunning and scenic valley views that are to die for. Playing can be difficult due to the rough Kikuyu grass and challenging elevation shifts.

Signature Hole: Hole 11 is difficult due to the fact that it’s hard to see over the top 

Total cost: Prices vary on weekdays and weekends, on weekdays it is 33$ to walk while riding its 48$, on the other hand during weekends riding is 55$ and walking is 45$. The most advantageous thing is there is a discount for Burbank residents.

Round duration: on weekdays it normally 4 hours while on weekends it is 4 and half hours

This golf course has some of the cheapest La City golf rates.

Hansen Dam Golf Course

Situated north of San Fernando Valley, it debuted in 1964 and was designed by David Kent. The golf course is divided by a thin river giving it a picturesque view, it’s also filled trees and elevation shifts making approaches much more difficult.

Signature Hole: #6 is unique as it’s the only hole in the course with a water hazard

Cost: The rates for particular days are as follows; Monday-Thursday 30$, Friday 34$ and during weekends 40$. The cart cost for a single rider is 16$ while for two riders is 24$.

Round Duration: On average is 4 and half hours.

Harding Golf Course

Named after 29th President of the of the United States of America is located on the north-eastern part of Griffith Park. The golf course was designed by William P. Bell and later William Johnson made so additional changes and renovations. The course is most famous as it was one of the earliest courses to host LA city golf championship the Los Angeles Open in 1936-1938. It co-hosted with Wilson Golf Course.

Average cost: Prices vary according to days as follows Monday – Thursday 30$, Fridays 34$ while on weekends it is $40. It’s among the cheapest and budget-friendly La City golf courses.

Average Round Duration: 4 hours


Golfing is one of the best outdoor activities to engage in especially when you are on holiday, taking some time off for yourself to play golf is enjoyable and fun. Los Angeles has some of the best golf courses in the country and this article will provide you with all the right information to enable you to make an informed and wise decision! Have fun playing!

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