The fitness industry has transformed significantly in the recent past. Today, fitness is not only about bodybuilding and marathon. Modern-day fitness now involves exercises done with the aim of looking lean and athletic, primarily by people who are more conscious about their health. Many people now view fitness as a mainstream lifestyle.

Gone are the days when exercising only involved dozens of trainers, treadmills and resistance machines. Today, consumers want their space to exercising and equipment to assist them in getting fit. Read on through this articles for more information on the top fitness trends in 2018, the most popular methods on how to get fit and equipment requirements.

The Top Fitness Trends In 2018

1. Group Training

The popularity of group training has been rising rapidly in 2018. Generally, group training involves a workout for at least five people. It is designed to be motivational and is led by an instructor. It’s useful for people who have different fitness levels. Group training involves fitness practices such as dance cardio classes and high-intensity interval training. The benefit of group training is that it assists in being committed to the workout upon signing up for a training class. This assists in keeping track of your fitness routines.

2. Wearable Technology

Heart rate monitors, smart watches, and activity trackers are now top-rated for fitness. They assist in giving feedback about fitness practices by estimating the time spent working out, your standing time, steps, sleep, and calories burnt. Moreover, they assist in determining how much you like a particular workout and how hard an exercise feels for you. Smart textiles and fabrics are also becoming more popular as wearable fitness technology. They deliver vibration feedback on the wearer to encourage proper alignment and form while working out.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training

Another popular fitness trend in 2018 is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It involves multiple training sessions at small intervals of some seconds or most two minutes. Each interval involves hard work and maximum effort. Each range is followed by low-intensity recovery in readiness for the next interval. The entire workout may last 30 minutes or less, but it can be longer as needed. A HIIT is effective in burning lots of calories within a short period.

4. Strength Training

Since the start of 2018, strength training has become a significant element of fitness routines. It assists in preventing the decline of muscle mass as a result of aging, thereby keeping your heart and bones healthy. Strength training also aids in avoiding injury and pain in everyday life. Muscle mass also plays a crucial role in maintaining a fit and healthy metabolism.

5. Educated, Experienced and Certified Fitness Professionals

There has been a rise in the establishment of educational and certification programs that focus on fitness and are accredited by legitimate organizations. Trainers who are certified under such programs prove they are qualified to offer fitness training and have knowledge of training principles, exercise form, and gym safety. There’s also an increasing interest in regulating the fitness industry.

The Most Popular Methods On How to Get Fit

There’re many methods on how to get fit, with the most popular ways being:


Yoga is one of the most popular methods of getting fits for it never has a shortage of styles to practice it. Yoga is renowned for its multiple benefits, including stress management, improving balance and flexibility, and mental clarity. It can also assist in building endurance and muscle strength depending on the style.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a working method that combines a balanced level of muscle development and strength. It’s metabolic and efficient and is suitable for anyone who wants to increase endurance and strength while maintaining a lean physique.


CrossFit is a workout method that incorporates Olympic style lifts for workout grinders. It takes some few minutes to complete and involves exercises such as running, explosive-type movements and plyometrics. It is suitable for people to want to build physical fitness.

Bodybuilder Workout

Bodybuilder workout is ideal for people who want lean muscles, shred their physique or compete in bodybuilding. It focuses on building and shaping each muscle group.

Equipment Requirements

There’re tons of equipment used in fitness. Here are some of the essential tools for keeping fit that you can also have in your home gym:

•Yoga mat
•Power cage
•Power tower
•Olympic barbell
•Punching bag
•Power reels
•Balance trainer
•Air Rower
•Push-up stands and many more.

If you’re conscious about your health and fitness, it is ideal to understand how the fitness industry is changing. This way, you will be part of the transformation process and also try out the latest trends of keeping fit. After all, the most recent trends might work better for you.

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