For every explorer, travel junkies and enthusiast Los Angeles is the city that should be on your bucket list if you have not visited yet. This city is a one of a kind an ‘entertainment capital of the US’. It’s a city with great history and diversity.

The weather itself is close to perfect providing an array of activities to do throughout the year, beautiful and serene beaches, there are a lot of things going on and it’s a place where everybody will enjoy. From kids to adults you will be spoilt for choice on what to do while you are in City of Angels and you might just get lucky and bump into one of the most famous celebrities.

In this article, we are going to provide a guide to the fun things to do in LA so that you can have a blast!

Tours And Sightseeing 

Amazing And Awesome Daytime Touring

While you are in LA, you cannot miss going to tours of some of the most beautiful and scenic places that we only just see on the television. Experience the world of film and tv by taking tours to some of the biggest film production houses. You will be spoilt for choice which studio to visit from Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and Sony pictures.

Get to see first-hand where some of your favorite movies and programs come to life, that is opportunity of a life time that you cannot afford to miss while you in LA and get to experience how it is to be a movie star. Behind the scenes insights from the stars and producers themselves, the set of the movie. You will have an unforgettable experience. 

It may sound cheesy but who wouldn’t want to visit Hollywood Boulevard? Especially for fast timers, going to Hollywood walk of fame is a must, there is something about those beautiful and iconic five-point terrazzo with all the faces of the most famous movie stars, coming here will give you a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that you really are in LA.


Best Historical Spots To Visit

In LA it’s a city rich with history with attraction sites as USS IOWA and Ronald Reagan presidential library provide a great learning experience for the family especially the kids to know the history and adversities and triumph they have experienced as a country will build a sense of nationalism and patriotism to their country.

You cannot miss the Grand city tour, you are given full overviews and orientation of this magnificent city. And for all those coming to LA for the first time, there is a narration about everything, so you get acquainted easily making you feel right at home. Visiting all the beautiful sites is one of Los Angeles activities you cannot miss out on. 

Day Trips Adventures For You And The Family

Los Angeles has some of the best daytime adventures and activities to do, coupled with its beautiful and calm weather and its massive size you can engage in almost anything. It has a 75-mile coastline with some of the most world-renowned beaches from Santa Monica to Malibu and San Pedro to South Bay.

For surfing enthusiast with all those stunning waves, you will have the time of your life, waterboarding, jet skiing I could go on and on the list is endless. If you are in LA getting a tan is a must on the beach for that radiant and bronze looking skin.

Head up North to Cahuenga Boulevard, it has a vast footpath and walking trails perfect for hiking for you and your friends. You can hike for miles which are perfect for your wealth while also enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views mother nature has to offer, talk about killing two birds with one stone!

While in the Lake Hollywood Reservoir is just meters away, it's a deserted location with some of the most breathtaking and magnificent views of the lake that is to die for! This is the perfect spot for picnics and intimate outings with your significant other. The views here are just picture-perfect for your social media to commemorate your time in the hills.

If you have traveled with your kid's there are a lot of kid-friendly places to visit, but there is only one place every kid dreams, Disneyland, it's a magical and wonderful place for both big and little kids. Disney has two parks California Adventure park and Traditional Disney park where they will get to have ultimate fun and enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

Another fun thing to do in la with kids is visiting Griffith Park where kids can take train and pony rides for a few bucks. In Los Angeles when you visit with your kids there are lots of places to visit that will be enjoyable to you and most importantly your kids.

Nightlife Full Of Mind-Blowing Things To Do

Beautiful And Magnificent View

It's true what they say this is a city that never sleeps, there are lots of fun things to do in LA at night. There are lots of lively spots with beautiful places that you can go to at night time. For explorers, there is the Griffith Observatory a perfect spot to view the entire city at night and the view is just panoramic, the OUE skyspace its

located at the US Band Tower offering some of the spectacular 360-degree views both day and night time.

Lively Spots At Night

In this city, especially at night, there are places that are lively jostling with activities no matter what time is at night. The grove is a Farmer's market where you can get grocery if you are in the mood to cook dinner for your family and the dancing fountains there is just marvelous.

If you are in the mood for outdoor fun the Universal City walk is the perfect place, you can go and catch a movie and after that, you can have a snack in one of the eateries there. The Hollywood Boulevard is the best place for an evening stroll or walks with your spouse or family with its stunning neon lights making it magical and romantic

Night Time Activities

There is an endless list of activities that you can engage yourself in, Griffith parks offer the perfect place for night time hiking as its usually crowded, you can watch programs being taped as its mostly done at night or you can be in a live audience for sitcoms being filmed although these days they have become fewer.

You can go on a neon cruise through LA in an open top bus seeing some of the spots and locations that you might have missed during the daytime.


Los Angeles has some of the best clubs and joints. If you the party hardcore party type you are in luck! Drinks are quite affordable and the music played will make you dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning

Late Night Dinner

One of my favorite things about this city, it has restaurants that stay open late at night that has some of the best cuisines and delicacies the Pizzeria Mozza is always open till late hours where you can satisfy your pizza cravings with wine at ridiculously low prices. For junk food lovers Bob's Big Boy and Pink's Hot Dogs have the best hamburgers and hot dogs. 

Shopping And Wellness

Los Angeles Shopping Guide

If you are in LA going on a shopping spree is always a must do whether it's going to vintage stores or window shopping at high-end luxury shops. LA Fashion District in Downtown LA has a lot of shopping centers Santa Monica Place, Hollywood & Highland, The Americana. These places are where you will get the most stylish, fashionable and trendiest collections currently in the market at the most budget-friendly prices.

West Hollywood is where most high-end stores are located if you have a taste for expensive designer clothing it's a must-visit place when you are in town. This is the place where most celebrities come to do their shopping

Keeping Fit And Working Out 

In this city, people are most conscious about their looks and body shape. It's no secret the best gyms and spas are found in LA. The Huntington Spa located in Pasadena is a place where after a session you will feel rejuvenated and brand new.

If you are ever in LA, you can visit the gyms and spa located all over to burn those extra calories that you've indulged in during holidays. Working out can be gruesome, but it will turn out to be one of the fun things to do in la with friends.


If either you are a local or visitor, Los Angeles is one of the most magical cities you can ever live or visit. Going there should definitely be on your bucket list, there are a lot of activities to engage in both perfect for you and your family. Its diverse culture is what stands out, inhabitants hail from different parts of world, ethnicity, and race that is what makes it so special.

Its beautiful sunshine and affordability are what makes it so attractive to travelers as you will get to enjoy yourself without necessarily bankrupting yourself in the process. There is some downside in LA as public transportation is not widespread, hence you may need to hire a car the entirety of your time there and also traffic might prove to be a headache. Other than that it’s a city full of heavenly bliss!

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