With the all the outdoor attractions available in Los Angeles, it is easy to overlook the many museums spread out across the city. Many don’t know that the indoor attractions in LA can rival the high caliber museums in Chicago, New York, and other parts of the US. 

A true citizen of the city will tell you that their collection of museums within and around can rival the best in the US. You will be in awe of the expansive collections of artifacts and museum pieces showcase in each of these attractions. There are many suggestions about where to go, but here we have listed how a true resident would choose the best museums in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County Museum Of Art (LACMA)

Clearly, this museum is one of the city’s ineffaceable landmarks. The highlights of the museum include Chris Burden’s Urban Light. This is an installation made from 202 street lamps in cast-iron, taken from around LA, and refurbished to function. 

However, beyond this Instagram worthy installation is a collection of masterpieces and enormous contemporary works that makes LACMA the best art museum in Los Angeles. These masterpieces include the enormous twirling sculpture by Richard Serra, the mesmerizing Metropolis II, the typical Japanese screens plus other buzz-worthy modern pieces.

Getty Center

This is museum opened in 1997; it is now known as the Getty’s Villa. The museum contains an expansive art collection of J. Paul Getty Trust. The complex contains metal-covered pavilions containing overelaborate French furniture, Impressionist works of art, and many exhibitions. This museum is considered as one of the museums in Los Angeles CA. Although it is very hard to access, the admission is free and the view is fantastic. From the site, you can see the ocean, the hills, and the downtown on the East.

Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens

An industrialist donates another cool museum in Los Angeles, Henry E. Huntington. If you want to explore this museum in full, we recommend that you allow a full day to see the sights. There are plenty of places to see. There are the impressive works of art, the sprawling outdoor spaces and the library treasures and must be enjoyed in contemplation rather than in a rush. 

Visitors will enjoy the exquisite Japanese garden to the Gutenberg Bible every square meter of the property is a sight to see.

Natural History Museum

The Beaux Arts Building of the Natural History Museum is a pioneer museum in Los Angeles, which opened in 1913 along with the Exposition Park. The most recent addition is the Otis Booth, which welcomes the museum’s guest into the glass entrance, which features the fin whale skeleton that measures about 63-foot-long. 

It has a vast collection of cultural and natural history – some are even more than 4 billion years. Another highlight is the Becoming Los Angeles exhibit, which tells that growth of LA over the last five centuries.

The Broad

The much talked about exhibition of this museum is the Infinity Mirror Rooms. There are two masterpieces of Yayoi Kusama in this cool museum in Los Angeles. It is also filled with collections of post-war masterpieces of artists that includes Roy Lichtenstein, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, and Jeff Koons. 

Located outside of the museum, in the plaza with the olive tree orchard is a restaurant called Otium by a renowned chef Timothy Hollingsworth.

Griffith Observatory

This hilltop attraction has a great view especially during nighttime when you see the twinkle of lights of the whole Los Angeles. Inside the museum is a horde of exhibits, which includes the famed Foucault pendulum, placed directly below the Hugi Ballin’s famous mural. There is also the Tesla coil as well as the planetarium show. Make sure to plan your trip with plenty of time to go to the roof and see the impressive refracting telescope.

Petersen Automotive Museum

This museum is a former department store, Miracle Mile, which is the earliest commercial establishment in Los Angeles. It is quite fitting to make it a home for a collection of automobiles dedicated to the car culture. In 2015, it was redesign to turn it into a modern exhibition of 150 cars. It documents the growth of the automobile subculture in Southern California. 

The focus of the exhibits, however, is the progress and stunning gorgeousness of the car. There is also an assortment of Hollywood’s famous cars, vintage cars and the much-talked-about supercharge cars. Adding to the list best museums in Los Angeles to highlight part of pop culture.

California Science Center

If you have got kids, then a visit to the exhibit galleries of California Science Center. They will love to explore the human innovation, life sciences and the powered flight. The centerpiece attraction of this museum is the Space Shuttle, Endeavor, which can be seen with a $2 tickets during the weekends.

Annenberg Space For Photography

Located in the center of Century City, it is a photography-only space that takes a new approach on how to display print and digital works. Aside from the exhibitions, the museum also includes lectures, music, and videos. The younger and hip crowd are the most common visitors, which is an antithesis to the predominantly intimidating corporate neighborhood. 

The pinnacle of this exhibition is the oeuvres of Helmut Newton and the 125 years collection of photographs by National Geographic.

Hammer Museum

Another industrialist established this museum; Armand Hammer in 1990 to have a place for is a collection. He lived to see the museum when it opened before he died. This a UCLA partner museum that often exhibits modern art, design, and photography. This museum often displays local artists. There are many shows, lectures, concerts and screenings that are completes the museum’s calendar.


If you want to learn about Los Angeles, you have to go to a museum and this city has quite a number of them that could rival the ones that New York or Chicago has. This list of the best museum in Los Angeles is not yet complete. There are still quite a few that did not make on this list, but still they are worthy of your visit.

The difference that Los Angeles museums has from the rest in the world is that the art is not concentrated in one area, but instead it is scattered around the city. This means that wherever you are in the city, there are a handful of great choices within a driving distance.

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