Los Angeles is a tourist magnet and one of the reasons is the world-famous beaches, for both locals and visitors alike they all flock to the beaches. The beach offers the best outdoor activities whether its volleyball, castle building for the kids, surfing or sunbathing for that infamous LA tan that will leave your skin glowing and radiating, the list is just endless. 

Here, we are going to discuss in detail about some of the best beaches in Los Angeles for that full LA experience.

Santa Monica

This beach is among the largest in Los Angeles County, it's a popular local and tourist spot and on the weekends or summer its densely populated to up to one million people enjoying the beautiful sun, clear skies and everyone going about their businesses.

The town itself is a modern, colorful with high-end shopping boutiques, hotels, and restaurants. Most of the most luxurious hotels are found here, but it will cost you a pretty penny to spend a night there. The beach area is a wide stretch of sand surrounding the pier.

The pier has numerous facilities including a small amusement park, aquarium underneath the pier, arcade, and restaurants that serve some of the tastiest seafood. It is a great location that is full of fun with diverse crowds.

In downtown Santa Monica is a newly built Tongva Park complete with a revamped City Hall fountain and gardens a perfect spot for picnic and strolling with some of the most beautiful and scenic views you will ever see of the Pacific Ocean, the park is also kid-friendly with amazing water facilities that you can bring your kids to enjoy themselves.

This beach is perfect for outdoor activities as it has a long bike trail that runs along the beach, stretching from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance and its 22 miles. There are bike rentals all over the beach making it convenient for those who don’t own bike and they are very affordable. Biking is the perfect way to explore the beach and also interact with the local community.

What makes this beach one of the best beaches in Los Angeles Ca is its amenities, some of the amenities found in Santa Monica: beach house with a pool open to the public is you want to chill and relax, infamous Los Angeles hotdog on a stick, plenty of caffes that offer local cuisines and smoothies and a large sitting area with umbrella’s and enjoying the views and seeing people going about their activities.

For health and fitness enthusiast there are yoga classes and surfing lessons that are found at some places along the beach to all the calories and extra fat. Playgrounds are also found at strategic places on the beach for you and your kids to play in making the suitable beaches in Los Angeles for families.

Santa Monica is very pedestrian friendly, the main street has vintage shops, departmental stores a lot of bars and restaurants if you are in the mood for happy hour. For those who loved cooked meals at Ocean park there is a farmer’s market where you will find fresh farm produce, and if you are lucky you are likely to spot a celebrity on a coffee run or day to day errands and you may ask for a picture for the gram or snapchat.

It's also easily accessible as there is public transportation by bus from various places in LA to the beach.


Located south of Santa Monica, there is something for everybody here. You will find designer wear knock-offs for a few bucks, henna tattoos, and plenty of vintage items and collections. The beach has a 2-mile stretch along the coastline and pathway that serves, cyclist and skateboard trail. Venice beach is the cultural hub that inspires creativity through monthly Venice Art Crawl.

You cannot miss visiting the famous Venice canals perfect for a walk or romantic strolls on pedestrian bridges with stunning views of the colorful boats and beachfront mansions. Abbot Kinney Blvd is famous for its café's, boutiques, shops and murals painted on the walls, artistic impression in its true form. There is public transportation with bus lines to Culver City, Downtown LA, Westwood and Santa Monica. 

Marina Del Rey

Not a lot of people know about this gem of a beach. Its situated on the Via Marina and Admiralty Way, the beach itself is a cove and has two hotels and two restaurants outlining is seclusion from the public. This beach has no inland waterway, so there is little or no movement, for those who treasure privacy and don't like to surf this beach was meant for you.

One half of the cove is strictly a swimming area and the other half is for windsurfers for those who would like to engage in a high octane activity. Beyond the swimming area is a marina with hundreds of beautiful boats in sight. 

The two hotels Foghorn Harbor Inn and Jamaica Bay Inn have balconies with spectacular views of the ocean and perfect spot to see the sunset in the evening, it’s a site to behold.

If you are not in the mood to cook the Cheesecake Factory and the Vu offer delicious cuisines ranging from Japanese, Italian, Thai I could go on and on. The beach stretches to half a mile and it is mostly less populated perfect for late night strolls or campfire at the beach with friends and family while you gaze at the stars which will make you fall in love all over again with your partner. 

As a result of being secluded and no inland waterway, this is the perfect beach in Los Angeles for swimming and more pocket-friendly for those who desire vacation rental homes near the beach.


If you are ever in LA, going to its beaches should be on your bucket list, so that you don't miss out on some of the most spectacular coastline, ocean views, and its white sandy beaches. What makes it even more convenient to visit the beach is the perfect LA weather that is sunny and bright almost throughout the year, no matter the season you are assured of a great time in the beach.

Hopefully this article will greatly help you in deciding which beach to go to by providing you with all the information that there is to know to enable you to choose the beach that is most suited to you and your family.

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