The Los Angeles night scene is something each and every one should get to experience. The city comes alive with people going out to bars and clubs of their choice to party the night away in style as is with everything in LA.

There are a lot of bars and truly you will be spoilt for choice on which one to go to. They serve some of the most exquisite cocktails at budget-friendly prices, not to forget the natives love brewed beer and you will get a taste of the famous Californian laudable brew.

Planning a night out check out some of Los Angeles best bars for a fun-filled drunken night.

Coolest Bars In Downtown La 

Downtown LA is a place to head to after a long strenuous day to go and blow off some steam with your friends. The bars in Los Angeles downtown is the perfect place to be for ultimate enjoyment and relaxation. We will point out some of the best bars in this locale

Pattern Bar

Just as the name suggest this bar is designed with large windows for that serene natural lighting with a huge floor space which is suitable for the daytime cocktail. The bar is situated in the fashion district explaining why all of the drinks served here are named after fashion designers such as Versace and Valentino. This is one of the best joints to go if you are in the mood for some daytime fun

La Cita 

If you want a bar that has a cheap drink with a killer atmosphere this is the one for you. La Cita is very distinctive because of its personality, every single night it has its own theme from thirsty Thursday’s to mustache Mondays.

Top Rated Rooftop Bars In La 

The serene weather coupled with amazing views is exactly what rooftop offers. From Malibu to Venice here are some of our top picks of Los Angeles rooftop bars

Above Sixty Beverly Hills

The name of the bar is actually both its title and directions to its location. The bar is operational both in the day and night. During the day its open for members, guests and cabana reservation on the other hand during the night its open to the public, and the drinks on offer are just amazing from wines, ‘sun-kissed cocktails' to brew you will have plenty to choose from. It's a bit pricey but it's definitely worth it.

Mama Shelter  

It's a hotel, restaurant with a rooftop bar, 3-in one it is one of my favorites due to its convenience. The bar has a huge floor space with multi-colored couches and chairs giving it the perfect ambiance and serenity. Cocktails served is a bar specialty from the mixologist, among the popular cocktails, is the Mediterranean. During perfect clear summer nights, the DJ spins your all-time favorites songs.

If you are much more into outdoor activities, there is an outdoor screening of classic movies or you can play foosball with your friends. For yoga lovers, there is a studio with stunning views of Hollywood.

Some Of The Fantastic Tiki Bars In La

Tiki bars originally originated from LA no wonder the locals love it so much, its filled with great history that defines the city itself. Revelers flock to this bars to have some good time, we are going to point out some of the most amazing Los Angeles tiki bars.

Tiki Ti

Located in southern California this bar has great history it used to be a garage shop than a violin shop before it was finally transformed into a Tiki bar. The bar offers a wide variety of drink menu from retro style tiki drinks of the 80’s to blends of ingredients over the years providing that perfect and tasty drinks. It is also famously known for allowing indoor smoking.

False Idol 

This bar is the temple of tiki life. If you want to enjoy the full experience of the tiki cocktail and ingredients, this is the place to be. Drinks are not cheap so make sure to come with your wallet stacked. 

The Best Sports Bars In La

Sports is a pretty huge deal in this city especially during the weekend when a lot of games are played may it be college football, basketball, soccer I could go on and on. For that perfect and enjoyable game here are some of the best Los Angeles sports bars

Sweeney’s Ale House

This bar has a wide space with multiple huge flat screen tv’s hanging from every wall for that 360 degrees’ view and the food and drink here are also quite cheap

Dog Haus Biergarten Old Pasadena

Situated in Pasadena this bar offers a huge variety hot dog variation with specially tailored brews which wouldn't want that while watching a game.

Jazz Bars Around La

For all music lovers especially jazz music, there are a lot of exotic bars that offer live jazz music in LA and here is our pick of the best Los Angeles jazz bars

Catalina Bar & Grill

This bar is the best place to be, they keep up with the jazz scene with a live performance from the veteran in the industry to upcoming artists. Remember always to make a reservation or come early.

Trendy Wine Bars In La

California has been the top wine producing state in the US. For locals and visitors here are some of the fantastic Los Angeles wine bars

Atwater Village 

This bar offers some of the best wine selections sourced from Italy. The bar is located in an underground cellar that's candlelit with no cell reception for a full un-interrupted experience.

3twenty Wine Lounge

If you are in the mood for classical music while you are enjoying your wine this is the perfect spot. They offer quintessential interpretations of each and every wine on their menu, it has a huge patio with beautiful antique armchairs with views that are to die for. 

Awesome Karaoke Bars

For all those budding singers out there, LA has some of the trendiest karaoke bars for you to showcase your prowess and perfect you singing. Here are some of the Los Angeles karaoke bars you can go to.

The Whaler

Located on Venice beach, this bar has a charming atmosphere and it is usually filled with locals who will cheer you on as you put your vocal chords to the test.

Boardwalk 11 

This is one of the best karaoke bars in LA, it has about 50,000 songbook selections ensuring that you will have a wide variety of songs to choose from


The night scene in LA is unrivaled with, there are plenty of bars and deciding which one to go to can be a difficult task, hopefully our article will aid you to decide which is the best pick that will meet your taste and preference especially when it comes to the setting and the drinks served. Happy partying.

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