Our Magical And Amazing Los Angeles Experience

Who Are We?

Kevin- I was born in 1982 am a lawyer, the legal profession is my love when it comes to work and a part-time explorer and a travel junkie who loves to try out new things.

Kendall- Born in 1989, an interior designer with a free spirit who loves to ‘wander around'.

Why Los Angeles 

We had always wanted to visit LA, but every time when we had the time something always came up, it seemed that it wasn't just meant to be. Around summer both me and my wife had 2- weeks off from work our stars were finally aligned. We researched about all the essential things there is to know about accommodation and approximate budget. We did not think twice we made hotel reservations backed our bags and we were off!

Initial Experience  

We have been to a lot of cities around the world but my God! Los Angeles has to be one of the beautiful and magnificent city we have ever laid our eyes on, the weather itself it was like paradise it was sunny with beautiful skies and plenty of fresh air. I was surprised by the rental rates it blew our minds off! For the few weeks we were there we stayed at a beach rental which was clean, fully equipped and stocked with food and the prices were ridiculously low. 

Now I understand why people fall in love with this gem of a paradise. There is something for everybody to do, day one for a few hundred bucks we had a 6-hour Los Angeles city tour where we got to explore and know everything there is to know about this haven.

Afterward, we went to Venice beach for sunbathing and to get ourselves a bit of the infamous LA tan, you'd be surprised at the number of people there every one going about their own businesses while having the times of their lives. Essential key amenities are conveniently situated at various points if you want a snack or some cocktails to cap off your day at the beach, they are a stone throw away!

In the evening we went for a stroll at Griffith Park which has some stunning views and after dinner at Petit Trois Valley, we got to have the taste of delicious local cuisines that left me craving for more. At night we went down to the beach for a campfire and enjoyed staring at the star and the clear sky, it was like falling in love with my wife all over again.

The remaining days we went hiking, bike riding, swimming I could go on and on there are plenty of activities that you can engage in and you will be spoilt for choice.

From That Point On

We make it a ritual of coming back to LA at least 2 or 3 times a year. We fell so much in love with the city, every time we are here we try new thing stay at different places and explore more. We already feel like we are one of the locals as we have known basically everything about this magical paradise.

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